So, central and southeast Michigan is kind of lousy with peppered moths –even when I’ve lived in places where i can keep the windows closed at night, they always manage to get in and just hang out on the walls. Sometimes they get obnoxiously huge, and there was one occurrence at the boarding house I lived at when i was nineteen where an especially large one dive-bombed me several times, and I felt it necessary to flee for the undergrad library for a few hours, just to get away.

Since the luna moth, I’ve come to associate moths with Nyx. Which makes some sense; like the butterflies associated with Psykhe, they’re similarly winged insecets with lepidopteran life-cycle –and though lunas weave cocoons, some moths pupate underground, which (in addition to their typically nocturnal cycles) gives them distinctly khthonic qualities –peppered moths are among the underground pupating lepidoptera.

There was one just now on the wall over my computer, hanging out on one of the several sticky-notes I’ve placed to remind me of junk. I asked it if it was OK, and then nudged it just slightly with a fingernail. It scuttled around, and then settled on the wall just behind but off to the side of my monitor (remember, kids, I’m in the attic; the walls slope), then a song by Crime & the City Solution came on WinAmp (which I have set on shuffle):

Within the first thirty seconds or so, at least two other moths came to hang out with the little white one I was concerned about. As far from the window as i am right now, that’s kind of noteworthy, cos away from an easy out, I don’t often see the moths congregating in my room like that.

Just seemed a bit uncanny, so I thought i’d share.



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