Hellenist New York Metro Museum of Art Meet!

I probably can’t make it (if I’m lucky, I’ll be settling in that week, if I’m not so lucky, Nigel and I will be on a friend’s couch), but Kayleigh is arranging a meet-up for Hellenists at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC in 6 September! If that’s a good time for you, maybe you should go for me. 🙂 (I will take post cars at my P.O. Box!)

Since I can’t make it to this one, if everything goes well with the housing situation, I will vow to arrange a meet-up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the Island Park temple/Greek revival park shelter in 2015. I’m not decided on a date, yet, but it’s Apollon’s city in Michigan, and the park is nearby the hospital, so the date I pick will have such relevance. (Though I warn you, it’s possible I’ll need assistance in renting the park shelter –but if I don’t, all the better, right?)




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