Are we sure they don’t mean Animist Planet?

I am not proud of the fact that I watch a lot of television, but every so often, I come across a gem that isn’t reruns of old noirs or other crime drama, or sitcoms so old and influential that most people even my age don’t find it funny because it’s been mimicked within an inch of its life.

While most of the tree houses featured on Treehouse Masters are, indeed, rural or suburban, a few have been featured in the back gardens of detached city houses, which I like, cos it accentuates the fact that the only limit to tree houses is having enough trees that are up to the task of supporting a human structure –and to be frank, those trees can be just about anywhere.

I also love how Pete literally talks to the trees, will openly state that he’s poking around for the right energy, and has a clear attitude that if a tree or small cluster of trees wants or doesn’t want a treehouse there, he’ll not only see physical signs, but feel the vibe, as well.

The Pool Master, a related show following a man who creates naturalistic swimming pools based on the landscape and making use of local materials, is hosted by an equally Animistic designer. Cos designing swimming pools takes out of the patch of land they’re built into, he also takes care to move and re-plant any little native trees or flora, even if it annoys his workers. He always seems genuinely saddened when the workers accidentally injure or kill a plant that he’d rather move, and in spite of the editing done to make this seem like the silly ideas of an eccentric landscape artist, I’m always right there with him.



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