Going to Ann arbor, tonmorrow!


Leaving at 8:45am –as my peeps from the PLC may recall, I don’t do well on diurnal hours, so keep your fingers crossed for me! (At least the Greyhound trip is three hours, so I’ll get to nap.)

Got *one* apartment lined up to visit, Etsy stuff to post out, a P.O. Box to rent, maybe meet with some friends, maybe fill out that app at the Crazy Wisdom tea room (as per the manager’s suggestion), then there’s the trans* group, and I found someone on CouchSurfing.com who’s confirmed my overnight stay, so I don’t have to beg after group.

The room in the apartment I’ll be seeing is a lot less than the max I’ve budgeted for (which really is ideal for my situation), so if you know your magics, I think I can use all the help I can get. I’ve already got myself a bargain with the Gods (and a friend), and I’m bringing some tea lights and incense to light near some important locations in A2 and Ypsi, to supplicate Apollon and the A2/Ypsi local nymphai poleis —apparently I had a stronger bond with them than I realised before moving here.

Now would still be a great time to donate to my moving fees! Even $5 would be helpful, if that’s all you can do:


I’m just a hair under 40% of the way there! Do you realise how much that is?! SUPER LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL WHO’VE SO-FAR DONATED!!

And one just one more thing:

No-one apparently wants any of the Heathen Goddess prayer cards? I guess I overestimated how much people liked free stuff. I’m not too surprised, as I figure most people reading this are Hellenists, but I’m turning in around midnight, tonight (and I have the zolpidem to make it happen), so you’ve got less than 12hours to claim a prayer card for yourself or some-one you love! Any that go unclaimed will be left at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, in an envelope on the corkboard in back, marked “Free to Good Heathens, Please take Only the Ones You Need!” I’m seriously afraid I’ll lose them, otherwise.


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