For those of you curious about the Nocturnmal Spirits status…

Due to my abrupt move, it would be irresponsible to proceed with the previous “street date” of August 2014. As it currently stands, if I’m lucky, and I have a place to live by the end of August, the due date is September. If I’m not so lucky, I’ll find a way to make it happen by December.

Speaking of my impending move, I still don’t have enough money raised; part of having a place to live is securing an address, but another part of having a place to live is being able to cover the move-in fees. Now, it might be “fun” to couch-surf through September and October, so I can move on my own money (and yes, I “dick-quoted” the word “fun” there, cos I’m getting too old for that shit), but my anxiety-support cat (just registered, thanks to donations!) has some of his own neuroses concerning strangers/new people (it took him about six weeks to really trust my humanoid meat-based housemate [like, around he 5th week, Scott was starting to feel personally offended that this cat wouldn’t let him come more than twelve inches away, and would run under the chair when Scott would bend over to try and pet him], and he’s been going to the groomer’s every eight weeks for two years this December, and he only just now has stopped crying when Heather applies his claw-caps –he’s been refreshingly trusting of both the Humane Society vet who neutered him, and our current regular vet, Dr Hoscheck at the Ailurophile Cat Clinic, go figure, right?), and the idea of couch-surfing with Nigel wouldn’t be ideal for him in the slightest (or maybe he’ll get along better than I think? Still, I’d hate to have to try it and have it not go well at all for him) so I’ve been pulling the weight on my end, trying to find a place, living on one of those tiny shoe strings for three-hole oxfords when previously, my budget has been more like a standard athletic-style shoelace, maybe sometimes a mid-calf bootlace –you know, I have very little to live on, and now I’m trying to make it work on even less, cos moving expenses.

I also had a birthday this week. A birthday which totally blew.

I had a friend over on my actual birthday. The kind of friend you get naked, climb on top of, and make squishy noises with. This really disturbed my cat, and it took him about two hours in his windowsill and a shower I was going to take anyway, before he’d forgive me, and it still took him about thirty-six hours and half a bottle of Allergen-Reducer Febreeze to trust my bedroom again. Granted, if I had much of a social life in this city, he’d be used to this shit, already, but it was something he’d never seen before, and it was weird, and how was he to be sure that this stranger wasn’t going to murder us and take our stuff? (And I’m only bringing this other part up cos animals can be easily spooked by certain things you or I would think nothing of, but it might not have helped that my friend has a condition that affected the way that they walk –I had no problem, but thinking of the things that could have factored into this for Nigel, that’s a possible thing to a cat who’d never seen this person before.)

Then came my birthday dinner, where only one of my friends in Central or Southeast Michigan (of the 20+ invited) showed up, and cos of heavy freeway traffic, and construction in the vicinity of the restaurant, by the time we finished eating, there was no time to do anything else but drive back to Lansing so she could get to work on time –and even if that pesky job thing wasn’t a factor, everything but bars were closed. Cos it’s Michigan, not Hollywood (ye gods, i do miss Hollyweird).

Then was yesterday, the local Gothic Board/Card Game Night that I ran at Evolution Games on the west side of Lansing. Now, this was something where I really realised a bit of the truth behind the notion that “leaders are the ones who show up”. I borrowed the name for this series of events, Gothic Gatherings, from stuff my friend X (her pseudonym that she performed under on that This Is Where the Fish Lives EP we did some years ago) used to do in the A2/Ypsi area –she and I haven’t spoken in a few years, but she’s just kinda like that, you know? I’m sure we’ll get back in contact at some point and it’ll be like nothing’s changed between the two of us, even though there’d be years of news to catch up on. That aside, she’s totally not someone who’d mind me taking that title, especially cos when she took a break from doing non-bar events for Goths and those who can pass for such, a former co-conspirator of Gothic gatherings (an incredibly histrionic woman, who was my current age now back when i was 19 and getting involved with the SE-MI Goth scene —which kind of infuriated X and myself, at the time, but in retrospect makes me feel very sorry for her) continued with a couple more events that I basically organised myself while the second person (said histrionic woman about thirteen years my senior) sat back and took most of the credit; I may technically be an heir to the “Gothic gatherings” name, in the unlikely event that either my friend or that other woman try and sue me over it.

But anywhoodle…

Game Night.


I started a monthly game night cos I had one at my house in February of 2013, and it seemed generally agreed that everyone who showed up wanted to have a regular game night. So I set a date, and posted announcements every month to have it at my house. After about four or five months of no-one showing up after February, I decided to move it to a game and comic shop not too far from my place, but they were closing by that time, so I spent a few months trying to figure out where else, and then in January of this year (2014, to any future readers who can’t check a gods-damned timestamp), I decided on and made arrangements with Evolution Games on the west side, a good ten minute walk from the Lansing Mall. I showed up *every month*, with the exception of April, as that was the week of Convergence XX, and with the exception of my humanoid meat-based housemate sticking around the first few months, nobody else ever showed up. Oh, I put in my work –I made updates on websites, I printed fliers with the little pull-tabs, I made invites and sent out e-vites about two weeks in advance, encouraging people to bring other friends. Nothing.

Now, last night was a bit different; a lot of people couldn’t do dinner in Ann Arbor at Joe’s Crab Shack (it’s an annual indulgence, don’t judge me), cos they were broke or didn’t trust their car all the way to A2, or were veg*n. Fair enough, fair enough, Game Night was the next day, anyway. Even though yesterday’s Game Night had a record low of only two RSVPs and both as “Maybe” (and really, who the hell can plan for that shit?), i still held out hope that maybe SOMEONE would finally show up. Maybe someone finally realised that since my friend Jay ended his Goth Night at the bar two blocks from me in November of 2012, that this was all there was to do in Lansing, and maybe they were going stir crazy and needed something to do on a Friday? Maybe I could at least bug people a little bit, point out that it was my birthday week and perhaps guilt them? Maybe point out that this was, indeed, my LAST Game Night in Lansing, cos, as has been established with C&SE-MI goths who watch me on FB since at least May (like my friend Kim, who lives in Warren and only just met me at Convergence), that I’m moving next month, back to the A2/Ypsi area, and depending on things, the game night will likely resume in September (at the earliest), hopefully at Vault of Midnight (though maybe somewhere else). There was no reason not to assume that this was the last night I’m doing this in Lansing. So then what happened?

The first person I bugged on FB over the tablet said, “maybe i can make it out next time?”

“Dan, there will not *be* a “next time” in Lansing. Not unless Eric wants to take over for me, and he’s busy being a responsible adult, it seems, just able to put together the annual World Goth Day Lansing picnic.”
“Oh, well, sorry. Maybe I’ll see you out at Necto some time.”
“Yeah, i don’t go to Nectarine Ballroom1 anymore. They banned me about five years ago for using the men’s lavvy just after my first FTM surgery, and while that’s unlikely still in play, I’m just not going on the principle of the thing.2

Most other people were either caught up in work, or simply forgot and were now caught up in other plans they had made within only the last 48 hours. Cos something that sounded great in June, something that’s an established monthly even, was now something forgotten about cos another friend decided to have a “girl’s night’ of bra-shopping and sushi, just spur-of-the-moment. I did get a minor social fix when my friend Wendy said I was welcome to come over to her place; she was stuck at home due to a car without working headlights, which I’d known about since she offered me a ride out to the west side Target to get the hotplate for my kaphemanteia service at the Polytheist Leadership Conference, and since she lives near me, I hoped my housemate would be able to pick her up, but she and I missed each-other before i got dropped off. We sat around and chatted until about two-a.m., after which I went back home, took my St’ John’s wort, and sulked a bit. Cos Leslie Gore was right, you know (though fun fact, even that early in her career, it had been an “open secret” in the industry that she’d’ve rather danced with Judy):

Then there’s the fact that the only people to get back to me about housing, so far, have been to tell me that the room has been filled –unless you count that one guy whose place is a good two miles from the nearest bus, and the only bus that goes there stops at 7pm and only runs Monday through Friday –which is kind of unacceptable, considering that I’m naturally seldom up before noon and my Etsy shop mankes me dependent on the Post Office, which in A2 closes at 6pm, and it’s been a few weeks, so even that room is likely filled, by now.

Needless to say, I’m not having the greatest time. I know some people were looking forward to the first volume of Nocturnal Spirits next month, and I apologise, but for some pretty good reasons, it has to be delayed —one way or another, it will definitely be out before the end of 2014, just not in August, as planned. I hope you all understand.

This also means I’m still in need of moving funds. In fact, I just did some maths in my chequebook, and my allergy meds kinda just put me under what’s been raised, so far (sure, I didn’t need to get the 5month supply bottle, but there was a sale and it worked out to being, like, 2½months for free, when compared to the price of the 1month supply, which was not on sale –in the long run, it was the more-responsible purchase), and this plus next month’s expenses, I still won’t really have enough, after the current deposits from GoFundMe and then Etsy go through on this coming Monday/Tuesday. I really hate begging like this, but my humanoid meat-based housemate would seriously rather see me on the streets than put me up on the couch for a few weeks (though I’ve got him willing to concede if, and only if, I have a guaranteed arrangement in the A2/Ypsi area already set up; and so far the only guarantee that I have is to store some things at my friend Jeff’s place; in an emergency, I might be able to set up on his couch for a weekend, but he and his wife have two dogs, and Nigel’s only seen one just a few weeks ago at the groomer, and let’s just say anything longer than that is probably not a great idea).

So if you have a little money, PLEASE donate! If you live in the A2/Ypsi area, or you have a friend who does and you can call in a solid, I’ll be three Monday (by myself), overnight, to (hopefully) see some places, put up “Roommate Wanted” notices at my favourite places: Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room, Rendez-Vous cafe, Fleetwood Diner, The People’s Food Co-Op, Aut Bar, the Spectrum Centre at the U of Mich Student Union, Maidstone Theatre in Ypsilanti, maybe the Deja-Vu in Ypsi (I have friends who work at the “love boutique” and strippers seem to be in constant need of reliable roommates), Ypsilanti Food Co-Op, Aubrey’s Pizza, The Elbow Room and Tap Room, the downtown theatres, various used bookstores, hell I might even put one up by the city cemetery and ask the dead for some assistance –I’ve always treated that cemetery well, in the past. I’m also going to try and stop by The Bad Idea, and see if they could use a new member of the house. I asked one friend in specific to do some magics, but if you can do that for me as well, you have my permission. I’m pretty much doing everything that a responsible person should do in this situation, so it’s perfectly reasonable to ask for the help I need when i need it.


1: Yeah, i know it hasn’t been officially titled that in over fifteen years, that’s how love I’ve been in and out of the A2/Ypsi area. Despite my youthful appearance, I’m actually quite old.
2: plus, the DJ had been an insufferable douche to my friend X, and my friend DJ Scary Guy has had a long-standing feud with him, and honestly, the last time i was there just to get out of the house, they played one song all night that I even kinda-sorta liked, and I was pretty much just there to chat with my friend who was the bartender, and she has since moved. I have no reason to go there, so fuck ’em.


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