On Polytheists & Pagans

(This was originally a comment from PSVL’s blog.)

It’s like the “wife and mother” status. Some women are both, but some are only one or the other, and some from the latter group were both, at one time, but then things happened and now they are only either “wife” or “mother”.

Yes, some women who are others believe that it’s a lifelong position, and some of them even feel that position is inseparable from being a wife, but the fact of the matter is, some women get divorced, some women try being mothers, but for varying reasons give that up to pursue othef thibgs, and some women never were nor ever will become mothers for the simple fact that some just don’t want to.

If Jane is a wife, but not a mother, never was nor ever will be, it’s not a personal attack on motherhood, nor evidence of some kind of schism amongst women when she shares her experience as a woman who is wife but not mother, no matter how much Kayla thinks that the positions, by her experience, are inseparable.

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