Heathen / Northern Goddess prayer card give-away!

If you were at the Polytheist Leadership Conference, you may be aware that, upon realising that Io had a little more money than i expected to, I made a bid at the silent auction for RAINN for some prayer cards I barely even took a look at, with the intention of giving them away. Yes, I’ve been back nearly a week, but I *just* found the book I put them in and officially finished unpacking last night, so here are the ones i have left-over after giving some away at the conference:


L-R top: Var, Gefion, Fulla
L-R bottom: Gna, Snotra, Syn

If you or one of your Heathen/Northern trad friends wants any of these, just drop me a message via the Contact form (include the name of the card/s you want and your name and address)! First come, first served!

This give-away is absolutely FREE! I know I’m raising money for moving expenses right now, but donations are totally optional; if you want a prayer card and let me know, you’ll get a prayer card! Don’t worry about reimbursing me for the stamps, I buy them all the time for all sorts of reasons (but if you want to donate the approximate price of a book of stamps, I obviously won’t be complaining).

I only have one of each, so only six lucky people will get a freebie!

As I said, if you want a card or two (please not all six, leave some for others!), you can just have them, but if you want to make a completely optional donation toward my moving expenses, I will not complain! Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if I had condoms for that date tomorrow?


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