Seeking moving funds!

As some of you may remember, I need to move! For a billion reasons, but the practical reasons alone: All my doctors are in Ann arbor, it’ll be easier to (finally!) change my name once I’m back in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti (A2/Ypsi) area, it’ll also be easier to (finally) get my BTB surgery and hysto- once I’m back in the A2/Ypsi area (thanks Obamac- .. I mean trans-inclusive Medicare revisions!) cos why? Cos all my doctors are in Ann Arbor! (including Dr Kuzon, the surgeon who removed that cyst I had on my wrist, and who did the after-care on my nippular revisions when Dr Wilson in Detroit decided he didn’t want to deal with me anymore –Kuzon is also one of the more experienced phallo- surgeons in the state1)


I’ve “wish-listed” the stuff I need for Nigel, so if some-one wants to pay/reimburse either of those right off the bat, I know he’ll be good. Getting his ESA paperwork finally done is SO important, cos it’ll increase the number of places where I can move with him, it’ll legally require renters to waive pet fees, and (if I ever travel by plane again) it’ll be no fee to travel with him (and he should be be allowed in just about any hotel, without fee) and he won’t have to get stuck in cargo. (Unfortunately, Amtrak only allows service animals with special training, and none is required for ESAs, so I’d like to petition that….)

Unfortunately, cos of my carpal tunnel syndrome and back problems (and cos he’s kind of a moose), the original $50 carrier I was looking at probably isn’t the best choice (it’s unsuitable on weight requirements, alone, no matter how much the colour matches his collar and claw caps), but I found one with wheels and a pull-handle.

(Yes, I’m technically sitting on some perfectly good money, right now, but long story short, if i have to move on *only* what I have *right now* [WCS/anxiety thinking], then I have to, and it’d be nice to have more than $20 and the contents of my change pouch to rub on my imitation nipple-like appendages on the traffic island in from of the State Theatre for Canadian Loonies.2)

1: yes, there are some trans people in Michigan who don’t like Dr Kuzon, but unlike Dr Wilson, no-one warns people against going to Dr Kuzon! Hell, if not for Medicare shenanigans seven years ago, I probably would’ve gone with Kuzon for the chest surgery, but Wilson was the only one in the state, at the time, willing to bill Medicare as a “breast reduction” rather than as a trans- surgery, so I was pretty much stuck.
2: C’mon, you know I’d make more Canadian money than hypothetical Star Foster fellating donkeys in the alley behind my house would.


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