16 July’s Wyrd Ways Radio

Once again, I missed the call-in but this time not because i was busy with other stuff, but because of “train lag”, and spending nearly twenty hours on a train, leading me to believe that yesterday was Tuesday.


Some of my favourite bits:

Even though there were people from all over the spectrum of formal education, from people with Doctorates to high-school drop-outs, there was a generally “egalitarian” air, where people were generally assumed to be intelligent.

I think it was Anomalous Thracian Julian Betowski, in speaking about a lack of tensions between people of different traditions “No-one came in there and expected the person they were talking to would be their identical twin [with regards to religion and practise],” which seems a big issue (certainly one I’ve noticed) at “pagan” gatherings.

“Sometimes Atheism is the religion of the One True Negative God.” (Lupus?)

Julian Betowski: “It’s the difference between actually believing in something and belonging to a chess club, and I think we see this in kind of mainstream paganism, as well, sometimes saying ‘Belief is a dirty word’, and i think that’s the atheist trend, ‘well, belief is a dirty word, cos that’s irrational, and we must be rational, at all costs.’ So you belong to your little chess club and you do your stuff, and I guess that gives some people comfort? It just seems sort of empty and hopeless.”
Tamara Suida: “Somewhere along the line, the culture lost the understanding that it’s perfectly possible to have a valid kind of experience that doesn’t necessarily require scientific proof. We forgot that divination(?) is good, we forgot that mystic experience is good, we forgot that ecstasy is good, and we just… If it can’t be measured with some sort of instrument, then it’s real.”
Edward Butler: Even if we’re not talking about religion, if we’re just talking about literature”
TS: “I think it’s true. I think it’s very pervasive in the culture. ‘Prove it.’ I mean, we have archaeology and we have religion, and people are trying to prove the Bible. What’s the point?”
JB: “How do you prove whether The BROTHERS KARAMOSOV is true? That’s kind of a proposition that lacks any coherence, but literature, art, flies in the face of any kind of scientism, but we have to face it every day of our lives, in every field of our lives.”

JB: There is a kind of truth that is different from scientific truth, and the fact that our culture has forgotten that there are various kinds of truth is incredibly dangerous.


2 thoughts on “16 July’s Wyrd Ways Radio

  1. Not that it’s of terribly great importance, but the quotes you attributed to the Anomalous Thracian were actually said by me. However if I’m going to be confused with anyone, I will happily accept it being the Anomalous Thracian: he’s significantly cooler than I am.


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