Found at PLC, Rm 108


So, my friends who were staying in the room I’m in now extended the reservation another night, just for me, on account of the fact that I couldn’t find other lodgings for tonight –that said…

I know there were a few people in and out of this room all weekend (not just the two who reserved it), so if this pair of earrings looks familiar, please let me know, and either come back to the Quality Inn in Fishkill tonight (if you can), OR let me know via Contact Page (sometimes my Hotmail Junk filters can be over-enthusiastic) and I can send them back to you after I get back to Lansing on Tuesday.

Further description, cos it’s a shitty playbook photo:
They look maybe Onyx, maybe Jet, possibly just black glass or such, and they seem almost magnetic.

Owner of the earrings has been located. crisis averted!


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