Travel Itinerary and PLC Schedule

Wed. 9 July
7:00pm East Lansing, MI – Get on bus for Toledo, Ohio; bus takes me to Amtrak station

Thurs. 10 July
3:20am Toledo, OH – Train leaves for “Albany Rensslr,” NY
4:10pm Albany, NY – Train leaves for Poughkeepsie, NY
6:00-7:00pm Poughkeepsie, NY – If memory serves, train should arrive about 6pm.

At this time, I have no idea if the ride I believed to be arranged for myself in early June will be available to pick me up. NO IDEA. They haven’t responded to any of the emails or FB messages I’ve sent in the last week, and if I cannot get a ride, I will be literally stranded at the Poughkeepsie train station until the 14th, unless I get arrested for vagrancy. Please use my Contact Form if you can offer a ride –give me a phone number I can reach you by, should my estimate on arrival be WAY off.

Since my ride was also going to be my roommate for the weekend, I am also out of that, as well. If you can offer me a place to sleep –share a room or even bed, or couch, I’ve even slept on bare floors and in bathtubs, in the past, as well– please use the Contact Form. Any one day or the whole time I’ll be out would be appreciated.

[ETA: Mon 7July 2014 @8:07am]
OK, I’m halfway good for the weekend –a previous room offer for Friday and Saturday nights ONLY has reminded that that’s still good –unfortunately, I still need to get to the hotel from Poughkeepsie on Thursday night, so that I don’t miss anything (and, at the very least, so I can shower after spending twenty-three hours on the bus and train -I change my clothes and shower after scooping the cat boxes, I think it’s safe to say that twenty-three hours in an upright position, possibly next to The Stinky Guy, I’m going to feel gross and want a shower).

TL;DR version: I need lodgings for Thursday and Sunday and a ride to and from the Poughkeepsie teain station. I’m good for Friday and Saturday nights.

After I arrive (and hopefully get picked up from the station), I hope to meet up with people for dinner at a local Middle Eastern / Mediterraneran restaurant. I’ve found Zorona in Poughkeepsie, NY; it’s inexpensive, they serve Turkish/Greek style coffee, and if you get your own, I can do readings for $5 at the restaurant. Readings at the restaurant will only be limited by how many people the restaurant can accommodate.

Fri. 11 July
Assuming I found somewhere in the hotel to sleep, I’ll do the continental breakie and offer coffee readings for $10/person –I will need my own coffee and, so I will only be able to accommodate up to five readings during breakfast, divinations during meals at the hotel are BY APPIONTMENT, please use the contact form to schedule with me, or schedule no less than an hour before in-person at the hotel. All spots open.

1:00pm – 3:30pm — I will attend the opening remarks, prayer, and keynote.
3:30pm — still technically undecided, but I’m thinking of the Otherfaith presentation in Room One.
5:00pm — again, still technically undecidd (especially after Sannion pulled out to give Kenaz Filan his spot), but I’m thinking of Kaldera and Hardy’s Polytheism and Henotheism in Rm 2.
6:30pm –break for dinner and coffee readings. See breakfast reading descriptions. All spots open, please make an appointment no less than an hour ahead of time.
7:30 — Rm 2 for Rhyd Wildermuth’s radical relationality and polytheism.

Sat. 12 July
continental breakie and I’ll take a spot for a private coffee reading (still open), private readings are my typical rate of $15.
11:00am –still totally undecided.
12:30pm — break for lunch and another spot for a private coffee reading (still open)
1:30pm — Rm 1 for PSVL’s Ephesia Grammata.
3:00pm — Rm 1 for Anomalous Thracian on regional cultus in contemporary polytheism.
4:30pm — I will actually be participating on the Sexual Ethics Panel moderated by Chris Redmond and Kelly Forbes.
6:00pm — break for dinner and one last spot for a private coffee reading (still open)
7:00pm — Rm 2 for the divination period. I can accommodate up to six people at a time, up to three rounds; first come, first served. This session will proceed after a brief history on tasseomancy and I can do a Q&A with people on tasseomancy and my own history of reading cups while we enjoy the first round of coffee, so if you’re curious, feel free to come over to the coffee reading table and listen and ask questions. Maybe if the party is still going, I’ll make an appearance after I finish readings.

Sun. 13 July
Breakfast and coffee readings, five spots available, all open.
10:00am — Galina Krasskova on ancestor work and indigeny
12:00pm — Panel on finding common cause moderated by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus.
1:30pm — lunch and coffee readings, FOUR spots available, all open.
2:30pm –closing ceremony

I will be staying Sunday night, as well, and will be up for finding a Middle Eastern / Mediterranean restaurant that serves Turkish / Greek style coffee for $5 readings, but will obviously need to find someone who drives. If you can offer to drive, again, please use the Contact Form.

Mon. 14 July
Depending on where I might be staying, I may be available for an early breakfast reading, but I need to make sure my hotplate is cool enough to pack back into my luggage, so only breakfast coffee readings will be made.
12:00n – 1:00pm –packing.
1:00pm-ish — meet up for lunch? maybe a restaurant coffee reading?
5:00pm — Train leaves for Toledo, Ohio

15 July
6:30am –bus from Toledo to East Lansing, Michigan.
9:00am? — back home! I take my Etsy shop off Holiday, and things might get back to normal.

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I do plan on bringing my Queer, Political, Religion & Magic badges, and a *small* selection of music designs. These will be 2/$3 and, like the coffee readings, CASH ONLY. I’ll arrange a sheet of images so I can take orders between sessions and (hopefully!) have time to deliver to people’s rooms after the day’s sessions. If you want to make sure I don’t run out of something (or that I absolutely bring a certain muso for you) feel free to go to my Etsy shop, select payment type as “other”, and include a note stating “POLYTHEIST LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE – I WILL BE THERE!” Just discount the postage price, and add them up at $1.50/ each –coupons are not applicable for in-person delivery at the PLC, please do not use the current coupon codes, PLC sales are already getting a significant discount.


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