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Nub: Is it a bad idea to cast karma onto someone? Need feed back please
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Fluffster: I would say so yes. The way I see it, you be as good a person as you can be, live, love, grow and let karma do what she does best

Ruadhán J McElroy: “karma” is the acquirement of actions and deeds of a person’s life, and in most Hindu and Buddhist traditions I’m aware of, it’s basically a spiritual debt that certain deeds and enlightenment can repay (thus the phrase I’ve seen some Buddhists and polytheists with a Dharmic religious background, “there’s no such thing as ‘good karma’, that’s like saying you’ve built up ‘good debt’.”) Even the fluffiest Westernised misunderstandings of what “karma” is that I was familiar with before now, did not ever include the notion that one can “cast” karma onto another, so if someone has suggested this to you, I wouldn’t worry about it, since it’s fluffy fakelore nonsense. Most Western interpretations of “karma” make the same comparison that Theosophy does, by likening it to “the law of cause and effect”, which is certainly a part of what “karma” is, by Eastern/Dharmic religions’ interpretations, but only a part, and not necessarily the main part.


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