Last Minute Call for Submissions!


I’m about to put the finishing touches on the first volume of my annual anthology, Nocturnal Spirits. I’d like to build up some of the poetry and prose pieces, so in addition to my own, it would be nice to see some pieces from others. I’ve already got permission from PSVL to featur eir “To Nyx” (and I’ll be sending e the form I’ve been collecting esigs on, before I go to bed –wrote a note on the back of my hand and everything), and I’ve got a lot of my own work (including stuff my long-time readers have never seen).

Pieces about or to deities would be wonderful, and if you have an essay you think would be great to include, I may also consider it.

If you can get me something by 30 June 2014, that would be ideal –I want this out by the first week of August, so I will only extend the deadline if you’ve already spoken with me.

I am looking for poetry, prose (re-written or new mythology), on or for the following deities, spirits, animals, etc… (but I may consider others, if I think your writing style compliments the anthology):


Off the top of my head, I will accept essays on the following topics:
* Mediterranean / Near Eastern lunar gods (rather than goddesses –Tess Dawson, you there? 🙂
* the ankh in ancient and modern culture –Edward Butler has submitted a wonderful piece o the Eye of Horus, but I’m still hoping for an ankh piece for the first volume

Also, I’m going to ask a couple people I know about, but if you make or wear bone jewellery, ESPECIALLY if you’re also into “dark / witch mori” fashion, I’m writing a piece about pagan/folklore/fairytale/spiritual influences that I’ve noticed in said, but I’d love to improve the piece with some Q&A I can refer back to.

Illustrations and photos submitted will also be greatly appreciated.

As always, the Nocturnal Spirits email is:

I know I haven’t been making regular calls for submissions, but I’ve been busy working on my own original pieces, and also playing with half a dozen cover concepts, but I keep coming back to my own Nyx painting, so fuck it, that’s the cover.

I’m also hoping to expand the Nocturnal Spirits concept into a regular column/feature BUT separate from Of Thespiae. I’ve already inquired at one community blog, but it’s been a few days and they haven’t gotten back to me, and even before the animosity built between Christine Hoff Kraemer and certain associates (plus myself), I probably would have had Patheos on the bottom of my list to shop it around to, anyway. What’s the news on this “Polytheist Square” (my own nickname, probably not the actual working title) community blog I heard some people talking about? Would it be worth asking at The Wild Hunt? (I know JP-W made me an offer after I made that Wild Fail post ages back, but I was too busy and unfocused to take him up on it, at the time; I hear Heather Greene is in charge, now?)


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Call for Submissions!

  1. If you’d like a suggestion for a fashion interview/Q&A, you might try Kambriel. I’m not connected to her (other than coveting her coats) so can’t liaison between you two. I don’t know that she’s witch/pagan/whatever, but she’s definitely Gothic.


    • Well, the anthology is for the goth/pagan overlap in mind, and the Bone Jewellery / Dark Mori Q&A is specifically toward the Japanese Mori (forest) fashion import, more specifically its “dark” or “witchy” variant that’s gotten kind of popular amongst some goths.

      I’ve been familiar witb Kambriel’s aesthetic for going on fifteen years, now, and while she certainly keeps things current, she’s still developed a distinct late Victorian Neogothic look –brocades and frock coats and all that. It’s lovely, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

      See? It’s got some Late Victorian elements, but also pulls from early and mid-20th Century looks, Neomediaeval(sp?), and I might be just be getting old and showing my age, but it reminds me of the Babes In Toyland take on the Riot Grrl “broken doll” look more than Kambriel’s aesthetic.


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