Response to Random “Fan Mail”

Hi – stumbled across your blog doing other research and have been reading post after post. I have a question. Where is Matt Morris/Teo Bishop now? What religion is he practicing now? Do you know? Great intelligent, interesting blog by the way!

Last I knew, he was some generic non-denominational Christian. I don’t know what he’s up to, and I really don’t care. I was never a fan of his, even when he was a pagan (kinda always thought he was even more annoyingly uninteresting than Star Foster, if you can believe that), and now I have even less reason to read his blog. I don’t know why you thought to ask me about any of this, I don’t even think I’ve ever written about him (not even to complain), I’m sure the folks at The Wild Hunt or PaganSquare would have a better idea, to be honest.

Also, I think his name has actually been legally changed to “Teo Bishop” (though I’m sure someone will correct me, if I’m wrong). I may think he’s a wishy-washy and downright boring ex-Mousketeer with the most punchable of shit-eating grins, but I think it’s just basic decency to get his name right.


4 thoughts on “Response to Random “Fan Mail”

  1. In fact Matt Morris did change his name legally to Teo Bishop, but then changed it back to Matt Morris, his birth name, fairly recently. I was following his Twitter for a while. So he’s currently going by Matt Morris.

    As someone who has been both Episcopalian, like Morris, and pagan, I had a feeling Morris was going to wind up back in the Church eventually pretty much from the moment I encountered him. It’s kind of like gaydar. *g*


    • Wow, er… Changed his name right back to what it was in the first place? Takes all kinds, i guess…

      With regards to his pinging people’s Christian radar, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but for the longest time, I was honestly confused about whether or not he was actually pagan/Neodruid, or just some kind of non-denominational hippie Christian who hung out with pagans and blogged about it, so it didn’t *really* surprise me what he went back to church –what surprised me was the kind of following he managed to amass in the pagan community. I remember asking people where his appeal laid, and most people just said “he’s very honest about his status as a seeker” and similar, and I still didn’t get it, cos such sorts have been around the pagan blogosphere since before it was a proper blogosphere –such sorts have been around since Usenet, hell, since it was all just poorly mimeoed newsletters. He even kept his “big name” under wraps from the pagan community for years, so it’s not like people were watching him for the celebrity appeal, at least not for quite some time.

      And why is someone asking me, some random polytheist with no clear or even subtle link to Bishop apart from commenting on The Wild Hunt, and I think I made a flabbergasted comment on his own blog all of *once* (I think it was his post about being “ashamed” at his local Pagan Pride day because “ritual circles create and Us and Them”, and I was like “gee, you just figured this out?”), why ask ME about what he’s up to? Don’t know, don’t care. Clearly a lot of people liked him, but I didn’t, and I found him really easy to ignore. If not for the blogging shitstorm that happened after he reconverted to Christianity, I probably would’ve forgotten about him a few years ago.


      • Yeah, random commenter’s request was really random. Like, have you ever heard of Google, random commenter?

        I was baffled by his instant popularity, too, even as I succumbed to it by reading his druid blog for a while. There are pagans who have been blogging for a l o n g time who never generate the number of comments and pingbacks that he did. Maybe it has something to do with being a performer by trade, I dunno.


        • Well, if you’re guessing because most successful performers are at least somewhat savvy with the social networking (or at least can hire people who can do it for them), then you might be on to something.


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