Real quick note before I get the link I’m supposed to post for that $5 donation I just got….

I love that apparently people who read this like to share my posts on FaceBook and Twitter and stuff –and it’s even nicer that the Share thing on the posts is letting me know how many “likes” / shares posts get, but I think it would be awesome if people would leave a comment after they share. 🙂

Obviously, I can’t enforce this, but it would just be a nice thing to do, if you’re sharing my posts because you like them.

Also, the donation challenge I proposed for Rhyd, if it turns out, in fact, that he won’t need it to attend (currently at about $7!), I was going to apply it to my own fundraiser to attend the PLC —that said, I’m offering a lot of sweet perks for donating directly to my PLC fundraiser; I’m not sure how many of those perks would win you friends and influence people, but they’re still pretty sweet —at $85, you can claim both my novels and the upcoming first volume of the annual anthology Nocturnal Spirits, which will feature submissions from Sannion and Edward Butler (and I’m still taking submissions until the end of June).


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