Polytheist Leadership Conference? Pour Moi?

So, it seems Rhyd might not need my donation challenge money, after all (I had only just barely raising $6, anyway). I am also expecting a bit of a tumultuous summer, but a second trip this year might help my mental state.

The schedule for the event looks full, so I won’t be presenting anything (damned if I know what I’d present, anyway), but I’d still love to go and I do still have offerings to the attendance:

*a diary of each day of the event, here and on Tumblr.
*plenty of word-of-mouth when I get back home (I’ve been invited by one of the Lansing Pagan Pride Day organisers to do a presentation on Hellenic calendars and perhaps a libation –more on this as I gain more information)
*I get to prove Sannion’s guess from, shit, six or seven years ago now, when he said on the old Neokoroi list, that he’d probably never meet me, well, I get to prove Past Sannion wrong, Wrong, WRONG!
*I can uncover Galina’s secret cabbal and Raven Kaldera’s sex orgies
*and attendance of the PLC will be one person more, and that’s important, because the traditional polytheist contingent is really a very small fraction of the pagan and polytheist community, so increasing presence at an event like this, even by one at a time, is always better than not.

Only thing standing in my way? I got no money! I need money. Like, $600 of money to make this happen. Can I get $600 by July? I have no fucking clue, it’s awfully close. I’m going to need about $200 for Amtrak fare, $250 for lodging, and $150 for catering and miscellaneous expenses (including the Dutchess County public transportation to get from the Amtrak station to the hotel, more minutes on my phone, etc…). If I hadn’t done Convergence XX, I could’ve maybe put up $200/250 of that on my own –when I say that I can usually only afford one vacation a year, I mean it, and I don’t regret CXX at all, it was a wonderful experience, but it would be nice to do this trip, as well.

I’m probably going to put up a crowd funding thinger later tonight, and as always, the more top-quality crap I can move via Etsy (did I mention I have a novel, too?), the more money I’d have that could be spared for this.

OK, I just made this sweet crowdfunding dealio:



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