Donation challenge

So, it seems that Rhyd still needs donations for his presence at the Polytheist Leadership Conference, so I’m going to offering something up:

As you may know, I sell 1inch-diameter pinback badges on Etsy, usually themed for musicians and mod and gothic culture imagery, but I’ve got some pagany stuff, too. So, here’s the deal I’m offering:

For every badge I sell this month and next *that has the ‘pagan’ tag on it* or *in the pagan/polytheist section* (I update every day and *usually* get to suggestions within a week, so if you have more ideas for me…), I will donate 50¢ to Rhyd. True, it isn’t much, but it’s what I can afford to do right now. Yes, I’m being loosey-goosey with the “pagan” tag, cos it’s Etsy, and I want shit coming up in search engines and sometimes (like the Subgenius stuff) it’s just really the closest applicable section to stick something, and some of the band/musos tagged aren’t necessarily pagans, themselves, but utilise a lot of pagan and polytheist imagery in their lyrics and stuff. And i may still go back and tag a few other musos I forgot about, but I’m tired right now and it’s long past my bedtime. Anyway, it’s for a good cause, so quitcherbitchen.

Remember, kids, I’m actually poor, so contrary to popular nonsense, I can’t actually afford to do this sort of thing very much, but I figure that if I can get more people to buy a few buttons, I can afford to donate more than the $1.50 from applicably tagged stuff I’ve already sold this month.

And if you want to see me be extra-generous, I’ll donate $1.50 from every Random Grab bag I sell (regardless of the grab bag sold), and $1.00 from every copy of New Dance I can sell.

[ETA] And for every wholesale bag with at least some ‘pagan’ button designs, I’ll add $5 to the donation. [/ETA]


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