I know it’s been forever since I mentioned my search results…

…but who the hell found this blog by searching for “Danny Thomas was a Republican”? Cos he wasn’t, for starters (I think Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s was, but he was actually born a Thomas, and Danny’s was a stage name, so clearly these are two totally different and unrelated people). I mean, I know I had that one post, but really, people? Danny Thomas? To an Eros / Hedonism blogger?

Hold on, now… What’s the matter here? I should take this as a personal challenge! Quick! To MeTV for reruns of the sit-com previously known as Make Room for Daddy/i>!

Also: I could use a little extra money so I can print up some fliers for Nocturnal Spirits that I can take to Convergence XX, and also cos it looks like I’m going to have to replace my printer next month (if I don’t, it means I’m basically quitting my badges, and seeing as that’s increased my monthly income this last year from about $700 to about $825, I really can’t afford to quit). Please visit my Etsy shop and check out my badges, maybe even buy a book. If you want a custom order to give out to your Thiasos, Demos, Kinship or other group, please talk to me about that (especially cos I need a new printer, but should be getting one after I get back from Chicago).


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