To Peg Aloi and anyone else who said Klein “just downloaded pictures”:

Did you see this week’s eppie of Law &Order: SVU, “Downloaded Child”?

Like most episodes in the L&O franchise, this was loosely based on real events, “ripped from the headlines”, as theh say. It was about a 22-year-old woman who discovered that child porn, in the form of photos and videos, taken of her step-father raping her as young as the age of five, had been circulating on the Internet for over a decade.

She faced one of the men who had downloaded those images in court due to one of New York’s Violence Against Women statutes, in order to claim victim restitution. She shared details of how badly her life had gone downhill after the images were taken –many of these facts already established earlier in the episode, about how she turned to drugs and alcohol, and had basically been raped nearly non-stop by an ex-boyfriend, his brother she was essentially sold to after she got pregnant, and whatever friends the men chose for about ten years.

Thankfully, the episode ended on a happier note: Another downloader and distributor turned out to be a wealthy CEO who was ordered to pay her $4million in damages. As ADA Barba explained, by continuing to distribute child pornography, even ten years after the fact, he is creating a continued demand to watch a child be raped and otherwise sexually abused.

While some pictures deemed “artistic” (from old 1950s physique mags to the questionable photography of children by Lewis Carroll) are given leniancy, even rooms in public museums of art, there tends to be clear differences between art photography and child porn –and when it is child porn, IT IS NEVER “JUST PHOTOS”. It is photos of rape and abuse, photos of lives being ruined and developing psyches rendered malformed, necessitating years, even decades to repair, assuming they ever do.

If you can seriously sit back and say “It’s just images, Klein never actually hurt anyone with them”, you really ought to step down from your position of defacto authority in the Neopagan community, because the courts disagree with you, psychologists disagree with you, and as best as I can tell, my gods disagree with you, and you better hope yours do not disagree with you, cos to contend that no further harm comes from child porn is morally reprehensible and severely underestimates the gravity of the crime.


4 thoughts on “To Peg Aloi and anyone else who said Klein “just downloaded pictures”:

  1. I pretty much never agree with anything you have to say, but I agree with this 100%. I have a friend who was molested by his uncle as a child, and filming it was a part of that. Child porn is much more that just “super yucky creepy pervy porn,” it’s actively taking part in the abuse of children. They are actively taking part of something that permanently scars children, or even leaves them dead. People who view this stuff are just as guilty as molesters and child sex traffickers. People who say that Klein didn’t hurt anyone really haven’t given much thought about how this evil crap originates, at all.


    • I’m at a loss on what usefulness can be had of starting a comment with something so back-handed, but that’s a bit of a distraction from this topic. That aside, I’ve only seen PSVL previously mention this, but : People forget the fact that Klein ws a photographer –assuming he never took his own pictures of this, to share and trade, is naïve.


  2. I just saw that episode and was also thinking of this case. As I’ve said elsewhere, the idea that someone “just” possessing child porn isn’t that bad is similar to people who think that by buying pre-butchered meat in little packages in the supermarket, they are not really responsible for killing animals. If the demand ceased, the production would as well, so yes there’s a direct link and responsibility.


    • Exactly. Furthermore, as I noted above, one of Klein’s, er… “talents” was as a photographer, himself. If anyone seriously believes that he never, ever, ever took any of it himself, that’s painfully naïve. It’s really not that far a stretch in logic.


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