Good news on my ring, sort of

So, remember how yesterday I offered $5 card readings in hopes of raising money for a devotional ring?

Well, the lady who operates that shop and makes that ring apparently checked her incoming links and found this blog and offered me a 25% off coupon. Assuming I can get the money I would need before the coupon expires, that would bring the money I would need down to $91 (+$5.50 for P&P)

So as I said in the other post, I will give a basic reading for $5 (of more). In case people didn’t understand how it works, feel free to do any of the following:

* PayPal me $5, and include a question or topic for the reading in a Note, and I’ll email you back (pics of the cards drawn included on request)

*or email me with a request for a Skype/videochat reading, and PayPal me before we start

If you don’t need or want me to do a card reading, you can also pick up some badges (or a book) from my own Etsy shop –I have a coupon that’s basically a “buy four and get a fifth for free” coupon, and I have a growing number of badges with Hellenic and Hindu deities, polytheist and pagan symbols, and so on (send me some pictures from other pantheons that would work well for a 1″ round image, and I can add more deities and other symbols).


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