Responses to Readers

So, it seems that the WordPress software is really lousy at telling me I have messages coming in on my contact form –which you’d think would be something that would’ve been built into that feature from the get-go, but oh well, here we are. The last I checked these was 4 October 2013, apparently, so here’s one that I really ought to have addressed much sooner after the person sent me the message:

Hi I am a young man, very interested in magic, mysticism, spirituality and working with divine beings. I have currently been attempting to work with the hindu form of cupid known as Kama, I have been doing many mantras and quite a few practices for about a little less than two years now, to be honest I am not really seeing results this I believe is due to the fact that one must practice chastity or abstain from sex when performing Yoga practices (I am terrible at this part, lol). However, what I am looking for is beauty, and powers in love, the ability to infatuate so to speak, therefore I find myself having quite and affinity to cupid and venus and a strong desire to find methods or worshipping and communicating with them myself. I dont really have any money to offer you, and to be honest I don’t want you to communicate with them for me, I would like the knowledge and the method of worshiping anything you can give me would be of great help, thank you.

Hello there. I’m a polytheist, a pluralist, and while I do have a respect for magic, I really hope that you’re saying “work with” in the sense that one “works withs” one’s co-workers, rather than in the sense that one “works with” clay or paints. While I’m clearly in no position to make people change how they believe, if you’re coming to my blog, asking for my advice or assistance, I’m going to give it from a position of my own beliefs, and I believe that it is impious to “work with” a deity in the same way one “works with” a camera or a screwdriver or any other tool or medium.

Next up, I certainly know about Kama, but I also do not believe that He is simply a “Hindu form of” Cupid or Eros –likewise, I do not believe that Eros or Cupid are one-in-the-same. I therefore don’t believe my relationship with one of these deities automatically gives me insight into how any of the others operate –it would be like writing a book report on Dracula by watching the film The Lost Boys, both are about vampires, both offer themes of seduction and feature characters who hunt down vampires, but ultimately these are two different stories.

As for what you seek, I don’t know how I can help you with that, but my advice is that, if you feel drawn to worshipping Cupid and Venus, seek the traditional ways They were worshipped by the Romans. Give offerings that are traditional and that contemporary worshippers give, and give them freely as you pray and ask the deities for Their blessings in those areas.

While I am under the impression that there are similarities between Hellenic and Italic worship, I would not risk stating they are the same. Unfortunately, the only Roman polytheists I’m aware of is the group Nova Roma; they have a website which has a lot of information on it, and their section on Roman religion would be a great place to start.


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