Ask me no questions, I will tell no lies….

Does anyone have any good, solid sources on the ancient cult of Kirke and their practises, or any of the more taboo practises of ancient Greece? Please tell me; on-line sources, book titles with author (I’m really behind in getting a local library card, anyway).

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One thought on “Ask me no questions, I will tell no lies….

  1. I’m a bit late to this but I noticed you had a “Kirke’ under ‘Theoi & Daimones’ so I thought I’d take a look. I, too, have been wondering about any good information on Kirke for a while now and all I’ve found is a somewhat expensive book titled ‘Transformations of Circe: The History of an Enchantress’. Due to the cost I’ve not been able to read it so I’ve no idea if it’s good at all but I figured I’d mention it anyway. Blessings.


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