I’ve Been Asked to Take on an Annual Publication

No, not by Anyone corporeal. You remember this convo, right?

Once upon a time, I was music editor for a very short-lived Goth magazine —after my editor-in-chief got screwed over by a few people, including a printer, the only reason that the first issue (and only) exists at all is cos of Lulu.com. Which kind of pissed me off, but all-in-all, if the printer didn’t screw us over, the magazine might’ve very well been doomed to fold within a few issues, anyway, cos my former-EIC still swears to this days that if not for one other person and myself on her staff of about a dozen people, there probably wouldn’t’ve even been a first issue, cos it seemed most people signed up just to say that they wrote for a Goth magazine rather than cos they enjoyed writing. Of course, I could also go on about how I turned down paid writing offers cos of all the time and energy I was devoting to the magazine just to watch it collapse like a house of cards once the cat senses something happening on the table (fuck you, kitty).

So, I’m aiming for about 150 – 250 pages for the first volume.

The title I’m working with is Nocturnal Spirits, and the sub-title is “An Annual of Gothically-Inclined and Spiritual Art & Writing”. I’d be enthralled if other people wanted to donate pieces, but I’m not considering it necessary, at this point, and I’m expecting it to be mostly my own stuff, anyway. I also just found my never-before-published interview with Rodney Anonymous of The Dead Milkmen and, later (with his wife Vienna) the Gothic-folk combo Burn Witch Burn, so that’ll be in this, as well.

If you feel inclined to donate a piece, keep these guidelines and rules in mind:

  1. I’m on disability. At this time, I don’t think I’ll be able to pay anyone for contributions to the first volume, so consider it a donation.
  2. Because of my experiences with Spooky Magazine, all donated pieces should be e-mailed to me and a) should be in a Word .doc or .rtf file, and b) MUST be prefaced with a cover letter that acknowledges that this is being given freely for non-exclusive publication rights to Ruadhán J McElroy and Nocturnal Spirits without any expectation of payment; the cover letter should contain your full legal name (if different from your by-line), e-mail address, and an electronic signature (if you cannot make an electronic signature, talk to me, we can work something out). If things turn out well, I might be able to swing 3 – 5¢/word for pieces up to 1000 words in future issues, but this first one I simply cannot do that for.
  3. Pieces can be on just about anything relating to the gothic subculture and/or spirituality. I’m not going to publish everything people send to me, so if you want to stand out, pieces related to Khthnoic or otherwise “dark” deities (any pantheon –sorry I don’t know the equivalent of Khthonoi for other pantheons), and anything that relates to both the gothic subculture *and* spirituality would be excellent.
  4. Some ideas i have no idea what to do with that I’ll allow some people to steal (or at least do their own versions of): Detailed experiences with a deity on the dancefloor, deities you associate with members of The Addams Family (cos I’m corny like that), are you spiritually energised by the night, poetry for the blessed, honoured, or deified dead, why doesn’t it get any realer than cults to the dead… Some other, broader ideas i have: Pieces about history, classic literature, films, philosophy, aesthetics, etc…
  5. You can donate photography or other artwork, but to keep things inexpensive, I’m publishing in glorious B&W, so if it doesn’t look good rendered in B&W, I might reject it.
  6. Short pieces of fiction are acceptable, especially in the form of mythology (re-written or modern).

In theory, I’ll accept pieces about spirituality that relate to just about any path, but seeing as the Wiccanate do still have a few quarterly rags to have their stuff published, traditional/ancestral/recon polytheism-related pieces will be moved to the front of the line, because that’s how i roll.

Feel free to spread this like plague.


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