Adieu, Pagan Blog Project

I’ve thought about it, and I’m not doing it again in 2014.

I got maybe a handful of hits out of it, but other than that, not a whole lot.

It didn’t really give me anything spiritually, emotionally, mentally. I like the idea of regular blog prompts, but as far as the pagan blog prompts I’ve seen over the last few years go, this one is kind of mediocre. I feel this is because it makes people challenge themselves, and I always have had a hard time doing that Maybe it’s a left over habit from when I was a little kid and my parents realised that I had potential that surpassed their own, but they didn’t know what to do about it, so they just left me to my own devices, but we were too poor to actually pursue many of my interests in art, dance, science, and so on, so I just went to the library six days a week and watched a lot of old films on pirated cable. Or maybe there’s just something in my nature that drives me to sloth when left to my own devices, but when I’m being challenged properly by others, I can do shit, and often very well.

I say “properly” because there are certain things people can say where my automatic response has just been to not do anything, even though I’m technically being challenged.

Anyway, it’s just kind of inane to pick a random topic based on a letter of the Latin alphabet, because then what happens? You get a dozen people blogging the same topics, usually in the same ways, and halfway through the year most of the participants have just given up. It was a personal challenge for me, mainly to see if I *could* challenge myself, but I was also self-handicapping by refusing to write a post about a topic I knew other Hellenists have done for this challenge –at least not if they had done it better than I could. Yes, this meant I got lazy toward the end, but I did it, and I’m probably not going to do it again. Maybe if I find myself in another major slump, I’ll try again in 2015 or later, but not 2014.


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