In other news….

It looks like I’m going to be on the schedule for the Hellenic gathering, reading my (best assumed to always be in-progress) Brother Love and Sister Strife. While the Thessalians are running their own fund for people to have travel fare, I think it would be best to raise some on my own, first, so I have some ideas for “perks”, when I finally open an IndieGoGo page:

1) a sponsored banner link in the sidebar? I’m sure some-one will think that’s worth $10-$15 for a year.

2) a grab-bag of pagan and political badges from my Etsy shop –maybe $25-30? (plus the above items)

3) a print of the current version of “Brother Love and Sister Strife”, with a cover painting (printed on cardstock) and bound in ribbons, signed and hand-numbered –probably around $45-50 (ditto)

4) a printed calendar with a hand-painted watercolour (picture of my choice), bound in ribbons tear-off style so that the painting can be framed when the calendar is done –considering how I’d have to re-arrange my schedule to to the calendar extra early in 2014, and then take time to paint everything, which would incur stress on my hands (which are not in great condition due to recurring ganglion cysts and carpal tunnel syndrome), this “perk” wouldn’t be any less than $100 (but you’ll also get the above stuff, as well).

5) and for a million dollars, not only will you get all of the above, I will spend the weekend with you complete with “the boyfriend experience”. 😉 (j/k)

If I were younger, or at least in better shape, I could probably just be extra frugal and swing a cheaper fare, but with my back as it is, and having to go all the way to Louisiana, I’m really going to need to take the train and get a little bed with my fare. And I’ve checked around, flying would not really be significantly cheaper unless I get the fare *now*, which isn’t going to happen. (But hey, I sleep nude, so you might get to see my hams pressed against the window on the train, at some point. Really, it’s win-win.)


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