I usually try not to be tacky like this….

But remember that I have an Etsy shop? Yeah….

I bring this up here for a few reasons (including the odd fact that this blog gets more readers) —of especial interest here might be a new (and growing!) section called the “Pagan Corner”; I could use some additional suggestions for new designs, there, too. If you give me reason to believe you’ll buy it right away, I tend to complete and post something related to maybe 90% of the suggestions I get within a week, even if it’s not within my normal update schedule.

I’m being shameless like this cos this last year, there was no Mod weekender for me to take my badges to (at least nothing Stateside, and I can’t afford to go to the weekenders in Europe –which sucks, cos that’s where the real money for things like this is at), and also, even though my Etsy shop has technically been open for five years this December, it took me a good two years to put the stuff I take to weekenders up on there, cos I forgot why I was being stubborn like that. So basically I had a very tiny group of people (comparatively speaking) who I sold my “Mod weekender badges” to, and well, a bunch of stuff, some of which I haven’t had to reprint in seven years (dead serious), has recently started to rust —this last week alone, I’ve put over three hundred individual badges in the recycling bin after salvaging the pins off the backs of most of them. I’ve had to deactivate at least six badge listings from Etsy cos there was nothing salvageable in those designs left.

Needless to say, now that I have to reprint a bunch of stuff again, I could use some extra money for a high-capacity cartridge of black ink for my printer (only sold in twinpacks, about $40 at Target) and to kick me back a little something from an extra round of parts (US$50 for 1,000 sets).

I wanted to start offering an option to turn any badge into a magnet this coming January, so every little bit helps!

Just take a look, if you see something you like, or maybe want an autographed copy of my book, drop it in your Etsy cart, transfer delicious electronic monies, and I will exchange them electronic monies for top-quality crap. Dead serious –top-quality, is this crap. Like I said, it took seven years for rust to pop up on most of the stuff I just tossed in the recycling. Seven years, and in less-than-ideal conditions, including forgetting to change the pleated baggies every 6-12months, which us truly anal-retentive comic geeks know is essential for preventing damage like this (I sort these things out in for storage in little pleated sandwich bags —makes my life a helluva lot easier— and if you didn’t know that you need to change the PVC bags you store your comics in twice a year, well, now you do).


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