I think I shall leave something out for the local nymphai….

This last week, the birds haven’t been as greedy at the feeders as they usually are.

And I woke up earlier (technically yesterday) to the sight of the large bottle of apple cider vinegar I keep by the door to neutralise cat urine from the various strays, and it had somehow been moved to the middle of the floor.

Outside, there was a mysterious female garden gnome statue in front of the condemned place next door.

Now, logically, the statue might have showed up cos there are various bums and such who like to break drink behind that house, and *maybe* one of the cats just had the urge to attack the vinegar, and that’s where it laid after, but with the birds mysteriously reluctant to the wonderful buffet I set out for them combined with the other noted weirdness, I’m certainly leaning to the notion that Someone might be trying to get my attention.

And really, female garden gnomes are pretty rare. Especially this one –more a Phrygian cap than a tall cone commonly assoviated with gnomes, and designed kind of on the “young” side. If it’s still there, I should get a picture (at the very least).


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