Narkissos, save me from my own reflecting spring….

“The Informer’s favourite words are, ‘Guess what?'”, Bill Cosby once said.

So, so guess what?

Apparently I’ve been quoted in The Wild Hunt’s regular Pagan Voices feature in the same post as people I find very flattering to be showcased alongside. People like PSVL, T Thorn Coyle, and Ronald Hutton. Mmm…. Makes me want to print out that post and rub it on my nippular appendages.

Guess what else?

So, both my readers (or do I have as many as three, now?) who DO NOT also read Sannion’s The House of Vines, you might be interested to know that he and Galina are going to give me a ring-a-ding-ding for Wyrd Ways Radio on 2 October 2013 at the usual time for that (7pmPST, or 10pmEST, for those of you residing with me in The Future).

Also, I’ve known about this for over a years and a half now, but it seems there’s this Neonazi Heathen web forum that just can’t stop talking about how I’m the face of “Liberal degeneration” as well as a “typical American Hellenist”. Wow and awesome! I mean, I knew I was great, but the face of Liberal degenerates everywhere? I’m truly honoured. Of course, that cock-eyed insult, of calling me both an “American” (I’m British, trying to earn my way back after two generations) and a “typical Hellenist” –well, clearly these sad folks are just either incapable of reading (typical Hellenists on either side of the pond tend to be Platonic and honouring Athenian traditions), or deeply sexually frustrated. I figured that I shouldn’t mention this before, cos I didn’t think it was worth it, but in light of being quoted somewhere so prominent, I figured it was worth mentioning for a laugh. (No, I’m not going to say what forum, it’s mostly locked, anyway, but my incoming links contain thread titles, so I can get an idea of their nonsense. I know I recently made a big deal about calling people out by name, but when I have no names to really go by, and no clear affiliation of this forum witb ANY formal polytheist group, it seems best at the moment to just let them go unnamed for the moment. The name of the forum is just very clearly WP-oriented.)


Merry Bolanalia, everyone!


6 thoughts on “Narkissos, save me from my own reflecting spring….

    • For serious, though, JP-W at The Wild Hunt needs to leave comments on posts open for more tan twelve hours or whatever. That post hadn’t even been up a full twenty-four, and I was forced to make this post in an effort to express any gratitude.

      Well, OK, i probably still would’ve mentioned it, but in reverse order and a bit less than I said here. It’s not that I *want* to look like I have an ego the size of Star Foster’s Alaska, it’s that I genuinely could not say anything in a comment response at the time I read the post, which wasn’t even a full day old.

      I mean, look, I guess I understand his lacking interest in moderating flame-wars and shit, but fairly recently there was still about a 48-72hr threshold where I could’ve been able to say “Thank you, JP-W, it’s an honour to be quoted in the same post as these other fine people…” Now it’s what? 12hours? I have a life outside the Internet.


    • Hell, if I were typical, cuntface Suzanne would’ve realised there was zero grounds from blacklisting my emails in Neokoroi, and Hellenion wouldn’t be full of classist jackoffs afraid of poor people. And YSEE would shake off those white sweatpants for some genuine velour.


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