The tip jar is back up!

I’m actually surprised that I didn’t get this up sooner, but basically, I need a few donations, like, yesterday or something, or I’m in danger of being unable to pay my site host when the bill is due on 2 October. :-O

Long story short, I upgraded the hosting for one of my blogs, which is an additional $20.month, and wouldn’t normally be a big thing. Then suddenly, my bag fell apart, the cat has pull off the last of his claw caps, I ran out of my allergy medication (which is still hell of expensive), and a couple other relatively minor-ish things. Basically, I need $45 to cover it all with DreamHost, or my account will be in danger of suspension for a couple days, until I pay it all.

On the good side, DreamHost gives me a link so that payment goes right to the site hosting costs, and you don’t need to be suspicious that I’ll spend it on candy and porno and eye glitter.

Of course, if you think I’m wicked-awesome, you could just PayPal me delicious money directly to, or buy some of my delicious top-quality crap (the best kind of crap!).


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