Why you sholuld donate to my drag funding:


  1. There is literally only a week left to do so, via IndieGoGo!
  2. If you miss the IndieGoGo campaign, you can still donate to the cause via PayPal (PayPal e-mail: oddmodout@hotmail.co.uk), or you can buy some top-quality crap from me via my Etsy shop. Hell, I guess you could just do that, anyway, but then the little meter graphic won’t move.
  3. I recently had a birthday, and it failed. No, really, go read that —my birthday epically failed. I still haven’t had a make-up dinner, cos of a miscalculation of money on my humanoid meat-based housemate’s part, preventing him from replacing that tyre, and if you donate, that might cheer me up.
  4. This could become a regular thing for me, and thus another source of income, even if minor. If you donate, you could become a job creator! [LOL]
  5. Worst case scenario? I fail epically and end up selling all my drag stuff, and will give all who donated anything first picks.
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