[PBP2013] Darwin Carmichael Is Going to Hell

DCisGoingToHell.com is probably one of my Top Three webcomics, and it certainly has a strong pagan sensibility. It’s not perfect —like many webcomics, any given strip is at risk of hosting several spelling errors per panel— but it’s one of those rare instances of “Kitchen Sink Mythology” done right. There are many instances where I’ve found myself in a discussion with some-one, or several some-ones, and their arguement in favour of “all mythologies of all religions are true” is so ill though-out that I just rather decided to back out of the conversation slowly than try and argue it —cos something that hackneyed could’ve only been concocted by someone either irredeemably stupid, or just plain batshit crazy that it’s not even fair to treat them like an intelligent person.

It works in the world of Darwin Carmichael because not only are all mythologies true, lesser deities and spirits are corporeal and active in the world they influence, and every so often, greater deities show up cos someone or some thing fucked up badly enough. Tribal identities of deities and spirits are maintained, and this is displayed in how they’re drawn, but because the world it’s set in is clearly based closely on our own, and in a New York City very similar to our own, everybody gets along as well as they have to, and it’s not played as being that much more different than different mortal ethnicities.

The ongoing story arc mainly follows Darwin Carmichael who, during an accident in his adolescence, “made the Dali Lama retarded”, and is generally considered to be irrevocably damned. His best friend Ella, on the other hand, is the karmic equivalent of a Forbes Wealthiest heiress (or, at the for the New Age reimagining of karma) —her parents were great spiritual leaders during their life, amassing a mother load of divine favour from various deities, and due to a tragic death, Ella somehow inherited it all, and it’s occasionally mentioned how she could easily get away with murders and still have more than enough divine favour left over from her parents’ that it’d be practically impossible for her to lose it all in her lifetime. The third leading cast member is Skittles; he’s a manticore. That’s another thing, all legendary beasts exist and are active in this world, as well (Darwin’s landlord, a frequently seen and mentioned supporting cast member, is a Minotair named Patrick). Skittles’ age is never given, but if his autobiography (given in the form of “Little Billy”-styled comics that “he draws himself” in crayon) is to be believed, he’s over two thousand years old, and according to Darwin in one strip, two thousand, to a manticore, is not at all old for his species, and this is accentuated by the fact that Skittles usually talks and acts like a sweet-natured human twelve-year-old.

Overall, a great read, and certainly one I hope to see in collected form, for all the obvious reasons. I’ve also been working on a pattern for a Skittles plush, with the blessings of the authors.


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