Update to Mantis page

Because the Canadian crime of “pretending to practise witchcraft” is a hot topic on The Wild Hunt, again, I’ve decided to update my Mantis page on this blog with a disclaimer at the end.

This is a legitimate religious practise; it is no more or less for “entertainment” value than a Catholic confession, pentecostal exorcism, Quaker group mysticism, Buddhist meditation, or so on. That said, I cannot 100% guarantee that your interpretation of what I tell you I’ve seen will be accurate, and I cannot guarantee that you will immediately be able to make any sense out of it, nor can I guarantee that you ever will. I can only tell you what I believe the Theoi have shown me, and what you take from that is entirely up to you. I absolutely cannot, in good consciousness, claim that this is “for entertainment purposes only”.

The idea that the occasional wacky-ass practises in Abrahamic religions are somehow implicitly “legitimate religion” while anything else is expected to post a disclaimer as “for entertainment only”, frankly, strikes me as abhorrent and the same separate-but-equal bollocks that people in the States have been fighting against for at least the last century. Is this integral to practising my religion? Of course not, but then, joining a convent or monastery isn’t integral to being Catholic, either; this is just a part of the path I have taken on.

I urge other Mantikoi, seers, to protest the notion that this is merely “entertainment” whilst the law allows for people like Bob Larson to practise exorcisms, no more legitimised by science than divination, and call it legitimate religious practise. Copy and paste my disclaimer, or create one of your own that, similarly, refuses to call divination “for entertainment only”.


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