Maybe next week…?

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming stress from veterinary expenses, even learning that my cat is dying from an inoperable tumour in her mouth, I have just been uninspired to paint —though this might change in the next week, I have a sort of itch to paint right now, but my painting hand is immobilised (except for the fingers) after surgery to remove a large and recurrent ganglion cyst; at the current time, I can type for short periods of time, and typing on the tablet’s touchscreen is actually far easier than it’s ever been —which actually makes some sense, if you take a mo to study how much wrist and thumb mobility is needed to operate a standard keyboard. (On the good side, in only a few days, I’ve become a lot more sympathetic to modern technology, as it’s clearly helpful for people with certain disabilities to help them communicate with others.)

I have a follow up appointment this coming Friday (7 December), so hopefully my itch to paint will last until the rigid splint can come off.


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