“2013” New Boeotian Calendar is ready…

Well, to be fair, only the PDF version is ready at this time, but you can download it here. Give me another day or so to do a painting for one to post to Etsy for sale.

Also, there’s a 95%+ chance that I’ll be posting another fundraiser later tonight. No, I’m not hoping for a salary (additional commentary added to that) for this, but my cat of eleven years is going to the vet later today, with dental problems. My housemate and I temporarily had the electricity shut off a week ago, and to get it back on (so we could do things like cook, and have my aquarium not die —and, less importantly, in certain lights, have working computers and television and stereos), basically he had to bankrupt his cheque account and so with what he had left after starting this paycheque in the hole and what I have left from my apparently fat disability allowance for the month (if Star Foster’s ignorant assumptions about living on disability are to be believed), combine that and I still couldn’t even make today’s appointment for Countess Vermin von Fluffybottom, of the Austrian von Fluffybottoms, (yes, that is the name I gave her after the shelter), if a friend didn’t give me the money to do so. Best case scenario, Miss Vermin will just need antibiotics and lots of snuggles; most likely, she’s going to need full dental work, plus an extraction, antibiotics, and lots of snuggles. On the downside, I hate fundraising for personal shit, cos it makes me feel like I’m a complete failure at life; on the upside, she is a cat, I have a camera that takes video, and this is the Internet —where cats, especially cute ones, are a close second to porn, and the top SFW subject by a fairly wide margin.


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