2012/13 New Boeotian Calendar Update

So, I’ve decided to do *ONE* calendar as I described here, cos I’ve wanted to since at least 2010, and I’m running out of time before my hand surgery later this month, meaning I won’t be able to do hand-painted calendars again in time to mail out before the New Boeotian New Year until next year. If I can’t find paper fastener buttons, I’ll probably just use ribbons. Since I’m only doing one, it’s tempting to do it as an auction, but since only a few dozen people seem to read this faithfully, I’m not going to do that to you all —after I finish it later this month, I’ll post it to Etsy, $40 +$5 shipping; you snooze, you lose. If you really want it but have no dinero, Etsy does Gift Cards now (and obviously, I’ve set up my store to accept), so, I dunno, now might be a great time to show your eccentric great aunt who always showers you with cash how to use the computer, or something.

I’m basing the price on the fact that it’s an original watercolour painting, no copies (well, not counting the scan to go with the store listing), and after the year is over, it should be totally suitable for framing. If you’ve forgotten what my paintings look like, here you go (be warned: there be weiners all up in that shizzy).

As always (except last year WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT!!), the PDF version will be available for free download from this blog (up there where it says “Calendar”), and if you think that’s worth anything, the Tip Jar is, as always, Stage Left.

Since I don’t have any plans except a post office run and getting catfood tomorrow later (fuck you, third shift-working housemate), I intend to start working on that after my errands are done, so with any luck, it should go up before Pohatan Tribe Solidarity Protest Day / United States’ Feast to Hestia.


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