Before I get to work on the calendar….

Would anybody buy a calendar that’s hand-painted?

I was thinking, if I were to do this, it would be like how Dver used to offer tear-off calendars with the looped binding, only more like:

So, I’d punch holes into a discrete location at the bottom of the painting (I do my watercolours on heavy paper), and then through the calendar top. To save on shipping, I’d throw in some of those little button-style paper fasteners, so it would be “some assembly required”, but you’d get a calendar and a one-of-a-kind painting.

What would be a fair price on something like this be? more importantly, what would the shipping be like? I’m thinking $45 for the base price of the calendar and painting, but shipping arrangements and costs are stumping me, and I think international shipping might prove prohibitive to anybody below an upper middle class income (for clarification, that would be like the Huxtable parents on The Cosby Show). If anybody’s done something like this, advice is totally welcomed. Ideas for paintings would be nice, too, but unnecessary, as I’ve got plenty of ideas already. Ideas like:

*Corinna of Tanagra

Just cos of time constraints and upcoming surgery on my painting hand, I won’t do more than two, and that’s even assuming I get any done. This is more just putting a toe in the waters to see if there’s much interest, and if there is, it’ll be a swift kick in the pants to get something done. And like I said, i want to get an idea what shipping should be, before I actually do it, so I know what to put in the Etsy listing.


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