Be Bop Deluxe – “Darkness (L’Immoraliste)”

Darkness, you are my priestess
Darkness, you are my pride
My night in shining armour,
Disarmer of every tide
That swept the beaches clean of starfish
A death-wish to my kind
Helpless, heedless, selfish, needless to say
It’s no surprise
You’re with me most every night
You’re with me most every night
Darkness, you are my true love
Darkness, you are my bride
My consummated passion,
No fashionable disguise
A sleeping kiss and my demon twin lays dreaming
By my side
Screaming, grinning,
Beating pinioned wings against the skies
I sail with you, most every night
I know the truth,
The secrets of a soul, I know, I know,
But no-one listens,
No, no-one hears
I’ve seen the light,
The poets bright and distant mirror,
They are searching there
I have seen them there,
For I have travelled there
And they are searching there
For a home.

The more I get into Bill Nelson’s music, the more convinced I am that his work is truly Inspired by the Thespian Theoi.


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