Toyah Wilcox and Noddy Holder on Marc Bolan

Toyah Wilcox was probanly most-famous as a pop singer in the New Wave / New Romantic scene, and in the UK, in recent years, as a television presenter. She was in Derek Jarman’s Jubilee (her first feature film) and had a prominent bit part in Quadrophenia.

Noddy Holder is the singer from Slade. Slade began life as Ambrose Slade, a credit on their first album only, which can be described as psychedelic folk-rock. Their second record, Play It Loud, the first to credit the band simply as “Slade”, was more stripped-down and “pub rock”-oriented, and marked them as the first prominent white band in the UK to embrace the Skinhead aesthetic (the same year, Symarip, a UK-based band consisting of Black members, all from the West Indies, released their seminal classic “Skinhead Moonstomp“, and in 1970, the album of the same name was released). I think it’s abundantly clear that T Rex was therefore a huge influence on Slade’s metamorphosis, rather than the other way around.


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