I managed to find the ITV series MARC. Posting the eppies over the couse of six weeks (as it ran at its premiere) would be stretching the Bolanalia a bit much, so I’m going to run an eppie a day on school days, at its original run time of 4pmGMT (11amET —remember kids, the UK is in The Future).

Completely unrelated, I’m still needing at least a bare minimum of $80-ish dollars in donations for a circle punch so i can continue making the badges I sell on Etsy. Sannion is still pledging to write a piece for people who donate $5 or more! (You’re more than welcome to donate more, though, as there are certainly other things that I’ll need —I’m almost out of shipping envelopes, for example.) If you want his to write something Bolan-inspired, I’m sure he’ll be up for the challenge!


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