Why I Keep My Hair Long

  1. It’s lovely.
  2. It gives me something to fidget with.
  3. It’s a symbol of youth.
  4. It’s a symbol of passion.
  5. For centuries, Western cultures have associated long haired men with the arts and intellectualism.
  6. I’m more used to long hair than short.
  7. I have a full face, and I think that longer hair, even on men, looks more balanced on a fuller face.
  8. It covers that scar on my head from when my younger sister gave me that bad cut that needed stitches (I was ten, she was bigger than me).
  9. How better can I emulate the Praxiteles Eros of Thespiae?
  10. I’m not likely to have the genetics for male-pattern baldness.
  11. Since I only really get a haircut under high stress (not counting a biannual trim), it’s a great way to communicate “no, I’ve not been doing well at all, but I’m willing to talk about it, now.”
  12. Girls like to play with it, and I’m effeminate and gay enough that no boyfriend in his right mind would be threatened.
  13. In spite of the fact that I’ve been dyeing my hair for over fifteen years now, it’s soft and shiny and (all things considered) relatively healthy. This is most apparent to others, including the woman who gives me a trim, when my hair is past ear length.
  14. It looks fine if I don’t get it cut every four to six weeks.
  15. …ergo it is cheaper.

The cons….

  • I have to maintain some amount of apparently intentional facial hair to keep from being misgendered —and short of growing something to ZZ Top proportions, there’s still no guarantee that I won’t be, at least from some angle or another.
  • On occasion, being near-universally assumed to be effeminate has been annoying, and if I say so, the “solution” proposed is invariably “you could cut your hair”.
  • Only 2/3 of the money for a haircut is actually saved, the rest goes to conditioner.
  • I HAVE TO account for an extra fifteen minutes to blow dry it in the winter (frozen hair is not fun).
  • It can be rather heavy from sweat and humidity in the summer.

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