Spam Poetry

Endless possibilities with beautiful Russian women
Two days, we’ll make you’re cock a buffalo
What Obama doesn’t want you to know about Global warming
Straight frat boys need your cock NOW
Consolidate your debt with our program
Your dick never had it so good

This is important. This means something.


3 thoughts on “Spam Poetry

  1. I looked all over your page for a place to leave you a message…this is the best I could find. I want to see your garden fro lover’s of Eros one day! Please let me know when you will be taking appointments. My love Byron and I are saving money to take a road trip around the U.S., perhaps we could come to see your garden. 🙂


    • Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons (though almost all of them tied to lacking funds or my physical impairments) the garden has been very slow to come along. I did less this year than last, and I’ve decided that, at this point, it’ll just be easiest to take RoundUp to everything in back and lay down all new shit next year. This summer, with all the heat and ungodly humidity, it’s just made all of my joint pains worse than usual; I’m sure some people would be all for giving themselves irreversible injuries for their patron deity, but I think Eros is best served with a capable body, myself. I know, I’m wacky like that. 😉

      I want four major deities / Divine bodies represented in the result: Eros, Psykhe, Nyx, and the Moisai. Anybody else represented will be incidental.
      If your roadtrip coincides with some of my planting days next year, you’re welcome to become a part of it, and I might even invite you to stay while you’re in Lansing.


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