Since I found this, something hit me:

Probably naughtier than it looks...

Probably naughtier than it looks…

“Aphrodite Melainis (Μελαινις)” is a name of Nyx, not necessarily Aphrodite Herself. I’ve found no relevant mythology or surviving anecdotes that clearly link Aphrodite with nighttime and / or lunar aspects. Thespian warriors had shields bearing a crescent moon, in honour of the mother of Eros, Whom Thespians honoured since their pre-history if you think Herodotus can be trusted. Aphrodite was a later import to Boeotia, and while blending deities was no uncommon thing to the Hellenes, looking at what survives of mythology that is clearly traceable to Boiotia, especially Thespiae in specific, there’s no indication that adopting Aphrodite as Eros’ mother was very widespread in Boeotia, even in cases where Their cults became linked in the region.

Ergo, “Aphrodite Melainis” is a euphemistic name for Nyx. Think like how Hades is occasionally regarded as “Zeus of the Underworld”.

I’ve been tossing this around in my head for a while, but was given the OK to put it to print early this evening (it’s still evening for me!) when a luna moth landed on my shoulder on the smoking deck at the bar. Wish I had a picture, but she was there, looked at me, and then left.

You never forget a face....

You never forget a face….


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