No, really, I’m back!

…I just haven’t really made any meaty posts cos it’s been hot up here where my computer is at. My humanoid meat-based housemate has been letting me use his BlackBerry tablet, but that’s not really good for making posts, even though it’s got a WordPress app.

On the good side, I’ve been wasting spending more time on Tumblr, and came across these blogs you should follow.

Ask the Olympians and
Ask the Titans
My humanoid meat-based house-mate first introduced me to the concept of “ask blogs”, of which he follows several because he a sad Bronie. Well, OK not sad, he more watches other Bronies and She-Bronies “for the lulz”, and that’s irrelevant, anyway. So, the “As Blog” concept, to the uninitiated, is a blog where the whole point is to have people ask you things and you reply, usually as a fictional character or caricatured celebrity. I know some people are probably going to find these two “disrespectful” (that just seems to be the inevitable thing amongst people employing the reconstructionist method to their polytheism; is it light and of a frivolous nature rather than deep and serious, even if the author clearly knows their shit and isn’t just making it up as they go alone because of some studio deadline the union can’t extend any further? ZOMGZORZ I AM SO COMPLETELY OFFENDED!!!!) Honestly, I think if the universe deigned these blogs to happen, this Megan person was probably among the best people for the job, even if she’s not religious in this direction (honestly, I can’t tell, because the theme she’s using on her blog won’t let me scroll to read the rest of her blurb about herself). She’s clearly making sure that each deity “answering” is doing so in a way respectful to the mythology, and honestly? I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of her Eros and Apollon “answers” were Inspired. For Serious —though I’m open to the idea that might just be a coincidence. These are just good and humorous, and you should read both blogs.

Ancient Peoples is full of stuff to like. And so is Fuck Yeah Altars. And Fuch Yeah Paganism. Also see Occult Equality —they define “occult” pretty loosely. Not all “pure Hellenic” stuff to like, but just generally full of stuff to like —which is the most important stuff to like.

Tumblr also gives me ideas. Mostly ideas of stuff to mimic off of Heathens. Ideas like Heathen Problems, and the Worldwide Map of Asatruars and Heathens that was linked here and at other blogs. In fact, I’ve already started the map thing (pin not anywhere near where my actual address is, by the way) (I’ll link it on and the sidebar here shortly). If you’re on Google, you can rate, comment on, and G+ the map til your heart is content.

Also, while I was making this post, I went ahead and made a Hellenic Problems blog.

If anybody wants to help out with either the map or the Problems blog, just ask me and I can set stuff up so that you can.


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