The classic Hellenistai Forum is re-opened

Don’t make me regret this…:

Dearest minions,

Due to the demands of the public being unable to find the new forum for almost a year now (I mean, it’s only linked at the top of the Hellenistai media blog, and on Of Thespiae…), I have re-opened this one, so now it’s no longer just an archive hub held readable for posterity. What finally made me give up and re-open the forum is that phpBB, the forum software, apparently has made some major upgrades RE: spam control. To assist these upgrades, I also just gave up and bit the bullet and so now all new sign-ups have to be approved BY ME. To assure me that new accounts are not Spam-bots, you can e-mail me with the username and e-mail you signed up to the forum with –this will help me a lot.

Also, just because I’m not perfect (no matter how much I joke about being so), first posts still have to be approved by either myself or one of the moderators. I do not forsee this changing any time in the near future, but maybe if I can ever afford to upgrade to vBulletin (google it –check out that price-tag; mmyep, not gonna happen any time soon), I might.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to re-arrange the forum a bit, and due to a manual upgrade of some of the software, things *might* go wonky for a day or so. Don’t bug me too much with forum bullshit, because I’m also preparing for the annual weekender I attend every year in Chicago, and considering the last several months I’ve had, I really need this weekender. If I was smart, I’d put off re-opening the forum until after the weekender, but since I’m a genius, I think I can handle it –so don’t let me down! :luv:

That’s all for now. I’m going to do some stuff now.

That’s it. Go forth and make with the forum hijinks!


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