Start Your Week Off Right: A Round-Up

Here, go read “The Pagan Umbrella: Lowest Common Denominator Religion”. Here’s a excerpt:

For anyone who took classes of any kind there was always the lowest common denominator. I am not going to be PC about this, some people are just average and that’s fine. There were those kids and the ones who messed up the bell-curve by doing simple things like studying, doing extra credit, reading outside of assigned school texts, and sometimes genuinely loving learning and exploration. These kids, ultimately, suffered as the LCD took up the most space, the most time, and most of the teacher’s attention.

I feel the pagan umbrella has pretty much become just this, with most of the community being nothing more than a giant classroom where the LCD make the rules, the most noise, and get the most attention. And it’s not just the fact that this umbrella trumpets the cause of “acceptable mediocrity”, it demands that everyone should do so for the sake of “community.”

Now smeg off, I’ve got back pain.


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