Would you give your delicious monies to a book?

I’m just testing the waters here, before I re-start my series on Boeotian deities (I’d apologise for the huge gap in time, but there was a huge gap in my “30 Days of Paganism” series, and I barely gave much fuck to apologise for that —the world is an imperfect place):

How many people would be interested if I compiled every post I could from that series (obviously, I can’t put YouTube and copyrighted images I don’t own into a book), as well as some other posts related to the various deities in the series, into book form? There are plenty of advantages to having a book, and plus, I’d clean up the grammar, spelling, and style of a bunch of the articles and revise those I feel need it.

The downside, I see for myself at least, is that I don’t have the academic credentials that Dver and P. Sufenas Virius Lupus can boast (though I can hold my own in most academic convos —which gives me a leg up over most sciolists), and I’m no-where near as popular as Sannion (even if he is the biggest driver of traffic to this blog, after search engines —but that’s cos his round Fascist arse clearly wants to, ahem “feel the power of the proletariat”, if you get my meaning). Unless people tell me, I’m going to remain under the impression that any book I do as a companion to this blog will —like my career as a novelist— only appeal to two or three people, which will barely pay for the stock photo on the cover and leave me with enough left over to buy gum (but I do like gum…).

So, some questions:

1) Would you be interested in such a book?

2) What would interest you most? Essay-esque articles? Myths retold? My shit attempts at poetry, etc…? Potentially book-exclusive content? Re-prints of public domain Baroque and Neo-Classical paintings?

3) If you bought a copy and liked it, would you tell your friends about it (in your blog, FarceBorg, in-person, etc…)?

I’m asking now so that I know how to best gear the rest of the series and other posts I can include. If you have any other suggestions, please keep in mind the following: My urban spirituality posts will be included in the Boeotian Deities anthology at a bare minimum —I have plans to eventually compile those for another book project, which will be years down from now. This project, if it comes to fruition, I may be able to finish within two years, and so the urban pagan book will absolutely be after that. This one will be more along the lines of the BA deity-anthologies, only to a whole pantheon, and I’m the only writer (presumably, this makes sense to you).

Also keep in mind that I’m anti-eBook. Run into enough people who claim to have a pirated copy of your first novel (but are somehow all “a big fan”), and you would be, too. Until I start making J.K. Rowling poundage, I’ll never release on eBook, again.


I need money. Here are ways you can give me some (if you feel so inclined):

* buy my badges —I also do custom orders, please feel free to e-mail me about that (ruadhan@NOSPAMpeacockfairy.com —remove NOSPAM so that it’ll actually get to me) —keep in mind, I charge design fees, if necessary
* buy my novels: New Dance: A Modernist Romance, and/or Simple Man: The Autobiography of Peter West (in my opinion, the former is better than the latter by a wide margin)
* buy a divination
* buy condoms
* PayPal me some random amount because…
…you want a specific myth re-told (and don’t care that I retain publication rights)
…you want to donate something to the garden (these birds just finished the last yummy suet cake and are almost out of seed feed —I’m just saying!)
you have a fetish for tranny boys and Scrooge McDuck, and wish to combine these fetishes, so you’ll give me several hundred dollars with instructions to withdraw it from the bank in Sacajewea dollars and then take video as I roll around naked on gold coins err…, you think I’m wicked awesome and should have enough money to pay my bills this month


9 thoughts on “Would you give your delicious monies to a book?

  1. I just recently discovered your blog (through Sannion actually), and I am personally very attracted to Boeotian deities/religion (Boeotia and Arcadia are my two favorite sections of Pausanias . . . and yes I’m such a Hellenic geek that I have favorite sections of Pausanias), and I would certainly be interested in a book on the subject.  For what it’s worth (and I can only speak for myself here), I would be most excited to read about any specific aspects of your personal practice/ritual/devotions that you felt like writing about, essays about the deities from a Boeotian enthusiast’s perspective, and any festivals or calendar information would be fascinating as well.  – Ryan


    • Thanks!  I’d definitely make up for my lack of degrees on the subject with an extensive bibliography of my sources, so while the meat-and-bones of such a book from me would certainly be more conversational and devotional, I think at best it would seem more “well-read academic laity” than “omg, what fresh crap is Llewellyn churning out this week?”

      And as I said, at the soonest, I see myself finishing such a project over the next two years, and knowing me, I’d probably revise and update every four-to-seven years, at the very least.  As I keep up on the academic theories and archaeological discoveries, it may just warrant that kind of upkeep.

      Thinking about it, though, I don’t really have a minimum of people in mind whose interest I’d like to pique on this before finalising a decision to book it —I think I just wanted to make sure it would interest somebody at first, and assume that further interest will eventually build up.


  2. What Jennifer Lawrence said, below. I’d love a book on these dieties, I’d prefer essays, and I enjoy book-exclusive content. Since I just found you, via Sannion, publication of previous blog posts would be useful.  I’d tell all six of my followers on my currently-being-renamed-and-restructured blog, and retweet publication details.  Not too shabby, eh?

    edited for spelling and punctuation, because my brain’s faster than my fingers, dammit.


    •  Well, to be fair, you can always go back and read the archives any time you like.  I use plenty of tags and categories to keep things easier to find. 😉  But yes, I’m intending on revising, updating, and expanding at least a few things on most, if not all pieces.  I’m also *probably* going to keep the “primary source” snippets on each deity that I collected from Theoi Project in their introduction, since just about everything quoted is a translation in the public domain, and legally, I’d simply have to give acknowledgement to Aaron from Theoi Project –it helps that I’m pretty well-versed in copyright law, for a layman.  I’m not sure yet what I’ll write exclusively for the book, even though my decision to do it cemented last night, but like I said, I’m giving myself about two years to do it; ultimately it’s my decision what to include, but I’ll still weigh out people’s suggestions.


  3. 1)  YES!

    2)  Your essays, articles, and re-told myths are excellent, and it would be great to have them in a “between-two-covers-on-dead-trees” collection.  Book-exclusive content would always be nice, but not utterly necessary…just as added bonus if it were there.

    3)  Certainly!


    • Thanks!

      I was hoping that at least a fair number of people potentially interested would be of the opinion that exclusive content would be more like a perk than a driving force behind their decision to get the book.  I mean, for starters, I have no idea what I’d even add aside from some of the more obvious ideas (well, obvious to me), like a poem of dedication, or maybe an article about how I specifically became drawn in to Boeotian traditions rather than Attic.


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