Hex Me

We all come from Narkissos
And to Him we shall return
Like the sound of a tree
Falling in the woods

What is this bullshit, you might ask?

Legally protected.

That unsound old fool, as far as I’m concerned, has issued a personal challenge, and I accept. Hex me now, I’m waiting.

…also, maybe it’s cos it’s WAY past my bedtime, but I think my parody managed to be immensely deep, there. Take a night off from sleep, re-read it, and then really think about it, if you don’t see it right away.

ETA: You can follow my updates on being Hexed here:


4 thoughts on “Hex Me

  1. Ah, my friend, there is no reason to fear because of this lovely creative effort*, a fact ably proven by the GOP’s ongoing war against women. After all, if Z. Budapest was any kind of powerful and effective magic-user these politicians would not be able to indiscriminately pass this legislation the way that they have been because she’d whammy them but good. Hell, all she’d need to do is zap one or two publicly, putting the fear of the dreaded moon bloodz in the rest. Ergo, she is nothing but an impotent and delusional old bitty deserving not of our fear or respect but only our pity – or else she has the power but is completely indifferent to the suffering of her fellow wymyns.  

    * And it is quite nice, a significant improvement both theologically and artistically on the original.


    • Oh, believe me, all this occurred to me, as well.  Either way, her threat is a double-edged sword that has put her in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” position; if she really does hex people over something that she had previously encouraged for DECADES (if my Internet research is anything to go by), she’s a petty old bird more concerned with a patriarchal-defined notion of “intellectual property rights” and “copyright infringement” than she is with the rights and integrity of her allegedly precious wombynnes; if she does nothing, she’s merely throwing out empty threats for attention, and this casts doubt on her powers, as well.

      But hey, I encourage her to prove that she’s a petty old hag —to prove that, in reality, she cares more for her own personal gain than for the actual War on Women in the United $tates.  Why is she whinging about the artistic liberty she offered people years ago and not the state-sactioned starvation, rape, and murder of women in this so-called “First World country”?  Because she’s an egomaniac and borderline sociopath who cares more about her own non-victimhood than she does about actual victims.


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