2012 Kardia tou Thespiai garden update, Week One

Technically, I could have resumed garden work periodically in March, but frankly, it was a combination of sore joints (back, especially), erratic weather, and plain ol’ sloth that got me started so late.

Earlier in the week of 9-15 April, I put up another bird feeder, and the birds seem to be enjoying the yummy suet cake I bought for it. I got one with all kinds of berries in it, and I know if I were a bird, I’d be all up in that shit, for I am a fiend of sweets.

On Wednesday, my humanoid meat-based house-mate got a sales e-flier from Big Lots and noticed that they just got in a bunch of collapsible compost bins for $35, and he offered me yet another loan to get one, since this would be about $10 less than the neighbouring ‘burb of East Lansing will be offering them for next month. It took a few days to put together not because my intellect is prematurely enfeebled beyond the ability to comprehend a simple diagram, but because the plastic was not very pliable in snapping certain parts into certain other parts, and cos I am but a small Hobbit-like creature, I’m simply not big enough to conform it to my will and thus had to wait for when the aforementioned humanoid meat-based house-mate to have a spare five minutes.

Either way, the neighbour next door seems to find my gardening amusing.

Sunday, I FINALLY raked up the brush from last year’s wildflowers out in front. I could have done it last autumn, sure, but honestly? I really think the unkempt twigs look good in an Addams Family sort of way during the winter, so my instinct is to leave it until the thaw — and the reason I didn’t rake it all up after the first thaw is cos I was trying to put it off as long as possible until either a) I got a compost bin or b) I at least had a plan on what to do until there happened to be a compost bin. See, I’m clever like that. I also feel just awful putting yard waste out to the curb, even though I know the city is just going to compost it (or so I assume that’s why they want it in separate bags). So, I raked up and wrangled in my humanoid meat-based housemate in to helping me fill up the bin, after placing it in the most convenient sunny spot in the back garden. ZOMGZORZ, this bin is FULL at the mo’, and I’ve deputised one of the empty cat litter buckets for stuff for the compost bin.

The good thing about raking shit up is that I can see how well my fowers are coming back —at least on the one side. See, last year, half of the front garden was mowed down against my instructions NOT TO, and likely due to the dispersal of grass seed all over that side, not grass has choked out half of it. If I owned this place, I would sue. Now I have to return to back-breaking tilling to remove everything on that side of the front garden ALL OVER AGAIN. If anybody lives in the Lansing, Michigan area and wants to come by to help out, by all means, e-mail me.

Also, I was approved for a small ($300) PayPal credit line connected to my PayPal debit card. Excellent. Good side to this: I don’t have to insufferably beg for readers of this blog to give me money. Down side: I am racking up more debts. Fortunately: I have learned my lesson since my first couple years on my own, and will hopefully keep it all under control this time.

Current wish-list for the garden:

re-painting the porch: $90 (estimated)
re-gravelling the front path: $50 (estimate)
compost bin: $36
rain barrel: $50
a few more bird feeders: $30 (estimate)
wood for bat houses: $20 (estimate, for two)
windchimes: $15-$20
decorative thinger for the back door: $25
garden arch trellis kit: $50?
bug lights for front and back doors: $10?
porch swag hooks: $2

Plans for this week:

* Call property management and see if they’ll reimburse me (at the very least) for paint for the porch, so long as I’m wiling to do it myself.
* take out grass between city pavement and street, replace with clover.
* get more wildflower seeds, replace all that got fucked up thanks to idiots last year.
* try and make a dent on all that gill-over-the-ground that has taken over the back garden, including several spots I’ve already dug up.
* get a couple things off the wish list

I’m still waffling on which kind of decorative door thinger I want out back. Stars are great, and many pagans and polytheists have them, and clearly there’s perfectly fine Hellenic reasoning for having one and I see a lot of different stars, some of which are just gorgeous, but I’ve seen a lot of beautiful suns lately, and being a Leo, I’ve always been attracted to solar symbols —which, I giess kind of makes my decision, barring the discovery of any really gorgeous stars.


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