Tykhe in my dream, recently

This one is a few days old, but still very clear, which is why I’m leaning more and more toward considering it a vision or a Conversation, rather than just one of Ruadhán’s Weird Dreams™.

She was dressed very modern; knee-length dress/skirt in white, lacey black stockings, black pumps, and a very full and lush all-fur shawl-style wrap/coat (I think it was fox?) in sort of a silvery colour, sunglasses on top of the head, holding hair back. She looked… The best way I can describe Her is “think of how Paris Hilton might look if she were strawberry-blonde and fat” —very chiselled facial features, but with otherwise plump cheeks, a bit of padding on the neck and chin, a sort of plumpness to her fingers, rounded body-shape, thick legs. She had a small child in her arms (Ploutos?), but I don’t remember much about it other than its face was always turned away from me —which is notable, since mortal children adore me, or so I presume, since they’re always staring at me.

I was on an elevator, singing to myself as I often do when I’m even awake and not just in my dreams, and she got on. I didn’t notice her at first, and so kept singing, but abruptly stopped in the middle of line when I saw her there. She speaks to me with a Cheshire sort of accent.

“Oh, continue; your voice is quite lovely.”

“It hasn’t been the same since I started my medication [HRT].”

“But it’s very lovely. You’re our Boy’s aren’t you? Do keep singing, I want to help you.”

…and that’s about where, even after I woke up from it, I don’t really remember the details anymore. I remember maybe two or three more pleas to help me, and that’s pretty much it.

I’m going to try a couple divinations to get an idea of how literally I should take what I remember, but I’m open to second opinions. Feel free to talk to me, just remember that I cannot pay you at the moment, if you want to do a divination.


4 thoughts on “Tykhe in my dream, recently

    •  Elevators and trains are in my dreams a lot, even when I don’t recall any signs of deities or spirits.  I figured it was just me, but I’ve also been meaning to invest in a good dream symbolism dictionary.


      • Elevators could be the link to “higher states”, but trains may recall something like to cross, pass over, transpose, transport, train-sport, lol. Or also ‘stay in line’, ‘keep track/rail’, be focused… Just my guess.


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