Sacred City (the film)

“At night, the city is no more full of dreams than at any other —that’s where people go wrong. They think the daytime city —full of money, and work, and people who know where they’re going— is the real one; but I look all the time for the real city, and I know it’s not as simple as that. It’s not simple at all. You might think you might find it by digging holes, or staring at the pavement, but it’s not there in mortar and stone and brick. The real city is alive, and breathing. You can look for it in the buildings, and the way they’re built, and why, and how they look in the light. What some-one called ‘the spectacle’ organised by architecture. But how can that be the real city? The real city is not organised, by any-one; it just uses certain places to make itself seen, and the best architects know this and don’t over-reach themselves.

“…that which gives me a feeling I’ve never known before, but I’ll call it a religious feeling, cos I’ve no other word for it. When I see all of this, this city, full of light and sound, and there’s so much that you can’t even imagine knowing all of it. So beautiful and so hideous, all at once. It’s then I start to think there might be a new god, that only lives in cities. It’s not everyday you discover a new god, especially such a powerful and ambivalent one. Sometimes a drunken, stinking, dangerous god, certainly; but still, the correct response to a god, or goddess, of any kind is worship. I don’t care what any-one says, and that’s what I want to do. I feel like St. Joan must’ve felt when she heard the voices, like a blasphemer, but I think we could do with more gods, than less, and I’ll take that chance. And of course, the presence of a god makes the city a sacred place, which is what I’ve always thought, anyway. Look at it, just look at it. How could it not be?” –from the introduction to Sacred City, a film by Barry Andrews

Yes, I’ve reviewed the CD before, which is lovely in its own right, but the film it was originally intended to accompany is STUNNING (that is, if you like art films).


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